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20′ Tri-Axle Chassis



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Overall lenght 33′
Overall width 96″
Tare Weight 10,800 lbs. +/- 3%
Number of Axles: 3
Number of tires: 12

  • Tare Weight: Approximately 10,800 lbs. +/- 3%
  • Payload: 44,000 lbs
  • Steel & Fasteners: All structural steel is ASTM-A572, Grade 50
  • Bogie Beams: Fabricated I-beam with high-tensile steel
  • Cross Member: Fabricated steel
  • Upper Coupler Assembly: 0.25″ thick pick up plate
  • Fifth Wheel Height: 47”+/-
  • Kingpin Location: 17.5″ from front of trailer
  • Front Bolster: Fabricated steel
  • Rear Bolster: Manual swing down designed to provide a flush back for docking
  • Intermediate Bolsters: Fabricated with retractable twist-locks, Hi-Lo Intermediate Bolsters fabricated with swing down twist locks.
  • ICC Bumper: 4″ × 4″ tube mounted between bogie beams
  • Mud Flaps: 24″ × 24″ white plastic
  • Landing Gear: FUWA/ HJ 61,729 lbs capacity, 2-speed
  • Landing Gear Foot Group: 10″ × 10″ low profile sand shoe
  • Crank Handle Location: Driver’s side of the chassis
  • Overall Chassis Width: 96”
  • Maximum Rear Height: 48”
  • Light Attachment: Flange mounted
  • Light Type: LED
  • Electrical System: 12 volt, 7-way split pin receptacle plug
  • Suspension Type: Three-leaf spring ride
  • Axle Type: 5″ round, tapered, 71.5″ long
  • Axle Quantity: Three
  • Axle Centers: 61″ spread between centers
  • Rims: 22.5″ × 8.25″ steel
  • Tire Size: 255/70R/22.5, 16 PLY
  • Hub Type: Steel
  • Drum: Steel outboard mounted
  • Lubrication: Synthetic grease
  • Brake System Type: WABCO 4S/2M ABS
  • Brake Chambers: 30/30

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